What material will be used for tea packaging?


The tea packaging materials selected by each business a […]

The tea packaging materials selected by each business are different, but they will be selected according to the characteristics of the tea. The common packaging materials are:
1. Ordinary metal can packaging: metal cans are made of thin iron sheet, can-shaped, cylindrical, etc. Its cover is single-layered and double-layered. Two disadvantages. Hermeticity. The tea leaves are exposed to moist air. Oxidation energy period to preserve tea
2. Composite film bag packaging: At present, the commercial tea packaging is increasingly using composite film bag packaging. The disadvantages of light and air permeability make the tea moldy and change the taste of chlorophyll and its luminous catalytic reaction.
3. Plastic container packaging: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other types of containers are packaged with poor sealing performance as outer packaging. Plastic bags are used to encapsulate the plastic in the packaging. The green tea has a role in melting, so the tea taste is lost and the airtightness is poor. The peculiar smell in the can affects the quality of the tea.Glossy Lamination Kraft Paper Packaging for Tea
4. Packed in bag-lined box: use inner plastic film layer or cardboard packaging material coated with moisture-proof coating to make the packaging box. The plastic bag is easy to use green tea to make the tea taste different. Adhesive inner layer. Adhesive paint. The peculiar smell pollutes the tea and makes the tea tea. It has bad smell and poor airtightness when unsealed.
5. Tin packaging: Tin cans are good containers for storing tea. Tin is widely used in the food industry inside and outside the food industry. It is called green metal. Because tin cans have strong anti-oxidation ability, air tightness, low permeability, low conductivity, no metal odor, and other characteristics for long time storage According to the inspection of relevant institutions, the tea-packing and drinking equipment uses tin cans to store tea with up to ten times of mildew and mildew. The fine tea cans manufactured by the special pure tin have the functions of airtight preservation, anti-oxidation, blocking light and producing peculiar smell.

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