What production equipment is needed to make cartons?


The equipment that needs bai includes a paper separator […]

The equipment that needs bai includes a paper separator, a printing slotting machine, and a binding machine. The funding depends on what equipment you have bought, new or old. Generally speaking, equipment needs a million or so of funds to buy.

1. There are large and small carton factories. Take the big carton factory equipment as an example:

A corrugated cardboard production line for large carton equipment costs tens of millions, plus some messy things, about tens of millions. A medium-sized carton factory needs about 4 sets of production equipment.High-end Luxury Carton Tube Paper Tube Box Wine

There are also some senior operation technicians, and some small carton factories can produce cartons with only one stapler, so carton factories are not easy to do.


2. If you make ordinary cartons, you need some equipment. A corrugated board production printing machine, a nail box machine will do.

The carton packaging equipment is a carton forming machine, and an unpacking machine refers to the automatic completion of unpacking, forming, and bending of the bottom flap.

Now that the lower part of the tape is pasted, the cardboard box is opened, the bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure, and the tape is sealed and sent to the special equipment of the packing machine.

Automatic carton forming machine and automatic carton opening machine are assembly line equipment that automatically opens large quantities of cartons, automatically folds the lower cover, and automatically seals the bottom tape. The machines are all controlled by PLC + display screen, which is greatly convenient for operation and is essential for automated scale production. device of.
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