What should be paid attention to when buying food packaged in paper cans in summer


The summer climate is hot and the air humidity is high. […]

The summer climate is hot and the air humidity is high. If you buy food packaged in paper cans, you must be very afraid of buying side leakage and damp food. Paper cans with poor airtightness can easily cause food deterioration and affect consumption. You should also check before choosing. Whether the sealing part is intact and whether there is any broken bag phenomenon, especially for biscuits, instant noodles, dried fruits, potato chips, etc.
Pay attention to the following items when shopping for food:
1. Look at the outer packaging bag. When buying food, check the outer packaging bag of the food carefully to see if the outer packaging bag is complete.
2. When buying naked food, you must pay attention to whether the food is fresh.

3. Look at the third phase of food. The so-called three-phase refers to the production date, shelf life, and storage period of the food. In the process of checking, it is best not to buy food that is close to the expiration date. If the food you buy cannot be consumed immediately, it will easily deteriorate over the expiration date and bring you unnecessary losses. Many discounted foods in some shopping malls or supermarkets are near the expiration date, so don't buy them for cheap.
4. Look at the food business environment. When shopping for food, try to go to large shopping malls, supermarkets, and reputable stores. Try not to buy foods sold in the open air, foods with poor operating conditions, foods with changes in sensory properties, and foods on the ground.
5. See if it is three no food. Three nos means no manufacturer, no place of production, and no production date. Do not buy such food.
6. When buying food, pay attention to asking for a shopping invoice. When there is a quality problem with the food you buy, the shopping invoice is the key to your complaints and claims, and is the basis for your rights protection, so don't take the trouble and don't ask for the shopping invoice.

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