What should I pay attention to when packing tea boxes?


Consider that bai should be packaged with appropriate m […]

Consider that bai should be packaged with appropriate materials, and should be selected with good damp-proof, oxygen-blocking, light-proof and weather-proof composite materials, and certain dao tensile strength. According to investigation and research, the best used in the market is Polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite, followed by stretched polypropylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite materials, these are commonly known as aluminum platinum Xiahe film, which is the best moisture-proof, oxygen-resistant, and nasal-proof performance in daily tea small packages One kind. There is a new kind of packaging box, which is paper composite. The upper and lower lids of the can are made of metal. The can body is made of uncoated paper/paper-plate aluminum foil/polyethylene. It has a strong fresh-keeping effect and is compared with metal. The tank is much lighter, and the design methods are more attractive, and the dagger gives the designer more room to play.High quality cranberry Gift Box Tea




Tea packaging can generally be divided into two categories, both large packaging and small packaging. Large packaging is also called transport packaging. It is mainly used to facilitate transportation, loading, unloading and warehouse storage. It usually uses wooden boxes and corrugated boxes, but also uses tin drums or tin drums. Small packaging is also called retail packaging and sales packaging. It can not only protect the taste of tea, but also has certain ornamental value. It is convenient for publicity, display, exhibition and sales, and it is convenient to carry. There are many types of small packages. From the difference in construction materials, they can be divided into three types: rigid packaging, semi-rigid packaging and flexible packaging. For example, rigid packaging includes tin cans, tin cans, porcelain bottles, glass bottles, and craft small wooden boxes, small bamboo boxes, and craft carved patterns. Gold-plated boxes, etc.; semi-rigid packaging has a variety of hard cartons; flexible packaging has paper bags, plastic food bags and various composite bags, etc. The design can be designed with appropriate materials according to different needs.
When designing tea packaging, the first thing to consider is its material and structure. The selection of packaging materials directly affects the quality of the product. This is also determined by the attributes of a special product such as tea. Therefore, it is generally easy to choose a precise structure and convenient Open the materials to make tea packaging. With the growth of the packaging industry and the combination of modern high-tech, many new types of packaging have emerged. There are also many novel and unique tea packaging on the market, but some of the packaging seems to be high-end, but there is a tendency to over-package, and some are out of the nature of the product, blindly pursuing a gorgeous appearance and buoyant color, and tea My own quality is inconsistent. For example, there is a tea package with a plastic engraved and gold-plated appearance on the market. From the package, you can't see any message that the product wants to convey. It gives people a feeling of handicraft, not tea.
Ceramic cans and iron cans are the most common. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic pots are bulky and fragile, which is not conducive to transportation. If they need to be transported, they will definitely increase transportation costs. The tin box/can is much lighter than the ceramic can, and it can be prevented from being broken during transportation.

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