Why choose paper tube packaging


Composite paper tubes have long been the packaging-of-c […]

Composite paper tubes have long been the packaging-of-choice in the round tube box traditional markets for premium brands in industries such as alcoholic spirits, beauty, cosmetics, high-end retail and construction to name but a few. Made using only FSC sourced papers and recycled board, they are a cost-effective environmentally friendly solution and a great alternative to plastics. 

The robustness of the paper tube packaging also offers added perceived value to products in-store. Combined with high-quality print and an array of luxury print finishes, this packaging solution causes on-shelf disruption encouraging first and repeat purchases. 

Businesses are enjoying being able to differentiate their products from their competitors by using a paper tube packaging solution. They are benefiting from the increased sales due to high shelf impact and they are able to fully serve the eco-conscious consumers seeking fully recyclable packaging giving them that competitive advantage. 

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