Why do bags containing coffee beans have exhaust valves?


The one-way exhaust valve is packaged on the coffee bag […]

The one-way exhaust valve is packaged on the coffee bag, and a hole is pierced on the surface of the bag where the one-way valve is sealed, so that the carbon dioxide released from the roasted coffee beans can be automatically discharged from the bag, but the outside air cannot enter the bag. It effectively ensures the dryness and mellow flavor of the coffee beans, and will not cause the bag to expand due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide, preventing the inner packaging from being oxidized and polluted. Mainly used in packaging bags, storage bags, fresh-keeping bags, feed bags, and other flexible packaging that require gas permeation in one direction.Coffee Beans Canister with Valve
2. Since the one-way exhaust valve is set on the plastic packaging bag, the residual air in the lower bag body will change from one direction under the gravity of the goods in the upper packaging bag during the stacking process of the packaging bags filled with goods. The exhaust valve discharges, which can improve the stability of the stack and increase the height of the stack.
3. Improve the impact resistance of plastic packaging bags. When the packaging bag full of goods is being transported or dropped from a height, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve to reduce the shock wave generated by the residual air in the bag. , To reduce or avoid the resulting broken package.

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