Why do merchants prefer to use carton packaging?


There are many packaging materials on the market. Howev […]

There are many packaging materials on the market. However, with the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of living standards, carton boxes are often used in the packaging of delicate gifts, and they also have higher requirements for the quality of carton boxes.Paper Tube Packaging Window Manufacturers







At the same time, carton packaging is widely used. To judge whether a carton is qualified, first of all, the surface should be clean and smooth, without wrinkles or stains or impurities. The fonts and patterns should be clear and correct, with no misprints, missed prints, or ink contamination. Moreover, the size meets the specifications, the deviation is within the allowable range, and the color box that needs to be filled with pit paper should be trial-installed. The bonding point of the color box should be tight and firm without cracking.
The reason why it can stand out among various gift box packaging materials is the environmental protection concept of carton packaging. In an environment that promotes sustainable development and environmentally friendly production, environmental protection has become an essential element for the development of carton packaging.
On the other hand, a box with a box design and a beautifully printed carton has a stronger visual impact when packaging goods, and it is easier to arouse consumers' desire to buy. Carton packaging has been deeply integrated into the product, and it is playing an increasingly important role in the process of successfully selling products.

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