Why iron box packaging will become the fashion trend of packaging?


Now the tin box packaging has made rapid development. C […]

Now the tin box packaging has made rapid development. Compared with other packaging products, the tin box has been expanding its application scope with its unique outstanding features of beauty, safety, and environmental protection, and is loved by consumers.
Iron box packaging can be widely used in food packaging, gift packaging, electronic packaging, cosmetic packaging, etc. Among them, the quantity used for food packaging is large, and the major users of tin box packaging are the food industry and gift industry, involving: tea, moon cakes, candy, edible oil, manifested in: tea tin box packagingComposite Material Tea Canister, moon cake tin box packaging, and its scope of application is positive Gradually expand.
In metal packaging, tinplate is the main material. Due to the continuous improvement and perfection of tinplate material printing technology and processing technology, tinplate box packaging is more and more widely used.
The iron box packaging has better barrier properties, moisture resistance, and shading properties than any other material, and the sealing is reliable, which can better protect the product. The metal material has good printing performance, the pattern and trademark are bright and beautiful, and the produced packaging container is eye-catching, which is an excellent sales packaging. Metal containers can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as round, oval, square, special-shaped, polygonal, etc., which not only meets the packaging needs of different products, but also makes the packaging container beautiful and worthy of appreciation, winning the majority of consumers Favorite.
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