Why is it said that the packaging cans are still made of paper


At present, more and more products are used in packagin […]

At present, more and more products are used in packaging cans. Because the packaging form of cylindrical cans has a good display effect, attracts consumers' attention and improves marketing effects, packaging cans are favored by more and more industries.
Nowadays, there are many types of packaging cans on the market. According to their materials, packaging cans can be roughly divided into plastic packaging cans, paper packaging cans, and metal packaging cans. According to different materials, packaging cans have different functions, characteristics and advantages. So, which one is better? Let me introduce you one by one below.
As we all know, plastic packaging cans have better sealing properties, so they are favored by many food industries. However, plastic packaging cans are plastic products after all, especially as food packaging, which affects people's health and seriously pollutes the environment. Due to the increasingly severe environmental protection situation, the country is also adopting some plastic restriction measures to reduce the use of plastic packaging.
Our common metal packaging cans on the market are mostly used for canned food and wine packaging, and they can also achieve good airtightness. However, metal packaging cans are heavy, and it is difficult to achieve a good packaging printing effect, and the display effect is not outstanding enough to attract consumers' attention.
Paper cans are made of paper, which is environmentally friendly and can be completely degraded in the natural environment without causing pollution to the environment. Junxing Yimei paper can manufacturer has exquisite packaging can production technology, which can achieve good airtightness and meet the packaging requirements of the food industry.
Not only that, the paper packaging can has a complex structure, which can be combined with hot stamping, UV, concave-convex, printing and other printing processes to achieve an exquisite packaging effect and a significant display effect. From this point of view, paper packaging cans are suitable for food, cosmetics, gifts, electronic products and other industries and have good development and application prospects.

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