Why is tea packed in ziplock bags?


Tea packaging is the key to ensuring the quality of tea […]

Tea packaging is the key to ensuring the quality of tea in the fields of purchase, sale, storage and circulation. A beautiful and unique tea packaging can not only give people a beautiful enjoyment, but also in the supermarkets today, when the way of sales continues to change, it can Directly stimulate consumers' desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales, and act as a silent salesperson. Good tea packaging Small black Tea carton tube box Loose tea packaginghas collection value and can also be reused as reusable packaging. While saving resources, it promotes tea culture. A good tea packaging design must have a good foundation. The most essential part of packaging , That is, how to maintain the quality of tea leaves without deterioration. Only by fully understanding the characteristics of tea and the factors that cause the deterioration of tea, can we choose appropriate materials based on these characteristics and use them rationally to achieve perfection. Especially for pure natural, pollution-free green foods, it is necessary to strengthen environmental protection awareness to meet people's needs for returning to nature.


The characteristics of tea are determined by the physical and chemical components and quality of tea, such as hygroscopicity, oxidation, adsorption, fragility, and variability. Therefore, when designing tea packaging, we should consider using appropriate materials for packaging based on the above characteristics. We should select composite materials that have good moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, light protection and natural odor, and a certain tensile strength. According to investigation and research, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite materials are better used in the market, followed by stretched polypropylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite materials. These are commonly called aluminum platinum summer films, which are used in small daily tea packaging. The one with the best moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, and fragrance retention performance. Now there is a new kind of packaging box. It is paper composite. The upper and lower lids of the can are made of metal. The can body is composited with offset paper/paper plate aluminum foil/polyethylene. It has a strong fresh-keeping effect and is more effective than The metal cans are much lighter, the design methods are richer and more beautiful, and the designers have more room to play.
Tea packaging can generally be divided into two categories, namely large packaging and small packaging. Large packaging is also called transportation packaging. It is mainly used to facilitate transportation, loading, unloading, and storage. Generally, wooden boxes and corrugated boxes are used, and tin barrels or tin barrels are also used; small packaging is also called retail packaging and sales packaging, which can protect tea It is of high quality and has a certain ornamental value, which is convenient for publicity, display, exhibition, and easy to carry. There are many types of small packages. They can be divided into three types: rigid packaging, semi-rigid packaging and flexible packaging according to the different materials. For example, rigid packaging includes tin cans, tin cans, porcelain bottles, glass bottles, small craft wooden boxes, small bamboo boxes, and craft carved patterns. Gold-plated boxes, etc.; semi-rigid packaging has a variety of cardboard boxes; flexible packaging has paper bags, plastic food bags and various summer bags, etc. The design can be designed with appropriate materials according to different needs.
When designing tea packaging, the first thing to consider is its material and structure. The selection of packaging materials directly affects the quality of the product. This is also determined by the attributes of special products such as tea. Therefore, it is generally easy to choose the precise structure and convenient Open the materials to make tea packaging. With the development of the packaging industry and the combination of modern high technology, many new types of packaging have emerged. There are also many novel and unique tea packaging on the market, but some packaging seems to be high-end, but there is a tendency to over-package, and some break away from the attributes of the product, blindly pursuing a gorgeous surface decoration and floating color, and the tea itself For example, there is a tea package with a plastic engraved and gold-plated surface on the market. You can't see any message that the product wants to convey from the package. It gives people a feeling of handicraft, not tea.
Analysis of tea packaging technology and methods
As one of the world's three major non-alcoholic beverages, tea is known as the beverage of the 21st century, and is favored by the world for its natural, nutritious and health-care quality characteristics. Tea is a special kind of commodity. Incomplete packaging often damages the shape, color, aroma and taste of tea. In order to achieve long-term storage and transportation, tea needs to be packaged effectively.
1. Technical requirements for tea packaging
Tea contains ascorbic acid, tea tannins, tea elements, aromatic oils, proteins, catechins, lipids, vitamins, pigments, pectins, enzymes and minerals. These ingredients are extremely susceptible to deterioration due to moisture, oxygen, temperature, light and environmental odors. Therefore, when packaging tea, the influence of the above factors should be reduced or prevented. The specific requirements are as follows: 1.1 Moisture resistance 1.2 Oxidation resistance 1.3 High temperature resistance 1.4 Light shielding 1.5 Gas barrier
2. The packaging method of tea
As a special kind of commodity, the packaging of tea is different from the packaging of other general commodities due to its own and objective conditions. At present, the commonly used tea packaging methods are mainly as follows: 2.1 Metal can packaging 2.2 Carton packaging 2.3 Plastic molding container packaging 2.4 Composite film bag packaging 2.5 Paper bag packaging
The color psychology of tea packaging design
In tea packaging design, color is one of the most active and sensitive visual elements that affect visual perception. Color has a strong visual impact, and at the same time it is easy to cause people's psychological changes and emotional reactions. One of the important factors for the success of tea packaging design is the rational application of packaging colors. It requires designers to have a wealth of color theory knowledge and a meticulous and keen observation of colors, and fully understand the appreciation habits and aesthetic psychology of different objects, master the psychological laws of people's understanding and appreciation of tea packaging colors, and give them greater color Charm.

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