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How to maintain paper tubes

At present, with the overall improvement of China's economic development, the freight logistics and logistics industry are developing rapidly, so there are more and more requirements for paper tube box factories. Everyone knows that when we order paper tube factories, the quality is very important. We are very concerned about the problem, but the quality of raw paper is a factor that has a significant impact on productivity and product quality in the production of paper tube factories.


(71-73)*80MM Paper Tube Packaging Window

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Use:Paper Tube Packaging Window
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The index values of raw paper are not all stable and unchanged. Because raw paper has strong moisture absorption characteristics, it is more sensitive to the relative humidity of the air. When the original paper becomes damp, the water content will increase significantly. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the inventory and management of raw paper. From the perspective of waterproofing, when raw paper is piled up, it should be raised with a wooden frame, and the distance from the ground should be less than 25cm, and it should not be too close to the wall. The interval is not less than 40cm. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that the area where the original paper is placed in the box must be kept clean and dry, with good ventilation. Special attention must be paid not to blindly store the original paper in a humid place. The temperature of the warehouse for storing raw paper should be controlled between 20-25°C, and the humidity of the ambient air can be controlled between 60% and 70%. Doing a good job in the proper storage of raw paper is also a stage that cannot be ignored to ensure product quality.

Industrial production paper tube factory is a kind of packaging product that is often used in smart logistics. Its application can effectively ensure the storage and transportation of goods, greatly improve the efficiency of industrial chain transportation, and ensure the rapidity and effectiveness of freight logistics transportation. However, in order to maintain its advantages in use, it must be well maintained and maintained during use: so how to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of industrial production quality pipes.

1. Learn to use the industrial paper tube factory well: in fact, before learning to use the industrial paper tube factory well, you should choose the right method, choose a good industrial paper tube factory, of course, the use time is longer than the general inferior industrial production The paper tube factory is longer, and everything will have a corresponding product instruction manual. The same is true for the industrial paper tube factory. It has a specific application field. The operation method is carried out in accordance with the user's manual during the use process.

2. Do a good job in daily maintenance work: In addition to the need to effectively use the industrial paper tube factory, it is also necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance work. Only when the maintenance work is done in place can a lot of unnecessary waste be reduced. The damage can be repaired in time after the damage is found to prevent the damage from continuing to expand.