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What is the difference between packaging paper tubes and industrial paper tubes

Paper tubes are a common product, made of simple paper materials, but the bright spot of tension also reappears, because the old capital investment is not much, but there are a lot of artificial components design plan, a lot of labor application costs, paper tubes The main uses of paper tubes are becoming more and more extensive, so at this stage, the application cost and actual effect of small paper tubes are greater.


(71-73)*80MM Paper Tube Packaging Window

Industrial Use:Paper Tube Packaging Window
Use:Paper Tube Packaging Window
Paper Type:Kraft Paper
Printing Handling:Matt Lamination, Stamping
Custom Order:Accept
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Product name:Cardboard Tube Clear Window Box Packaging Paper Tube Packaging Window
Printing:CMYK printing
Usage:Paper Tube Packaging Window
Shape:Cylinder Shape
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The difference between packaging paper tubes and industrial paper tubes:

1. High-strength paper tube: high tensile force, smooth surface gap, often used in paper industry. Large and medium-sized winding platforms, such as plastic films. Its outstanding advantages are that it can be used for high-speed operation, large-capacity winding, and high cost performance.

2. Iron head paper tube: the end is raised with an iron head. Considering the capital and application requirements of the enterprise, the characteristics of the riser itself can save resources diligently.

3. Spandex filament paper tube: a variety of styles, light weight, high strength, can be used for slotting, mass production products, good quality, strong manufacturing capacity, suitable for spandex filament winding.

4. Paper tube with small wall thickness: the wall is thin and thick, the inner hole is flat, and the length is suitable. Platform, such as a fresh-keeping bag.

Industrial paper tubes can be seen everywhere in our daily life, because of its environmental protection and low cost, it is also sought after by industrial enterprises. In the application process of paper tube enterprises, there will be deformation environment. What causes it?

Because the whole product is made of paper, it is more sensitive to water. If the application environment is humid, moisture from the air can easily enter the product, increasing the overall moisture content, thereby reducing the strength of the product in a small amount of environment. At the same time, deformation occurs in an external force environment to ensure that a small amount of items is applied. In addition to being related to the environment, it is also related to the processing quality of industrial paper tubes. The spiciness can last a long time in the application if it is quality treated, whereas a poor quality product will be much lower in the application. Therefore, it is recommended to choose industrial paper tubes of appropriate quality to ensure the dryness of the surrounding environment, which can well avoid deformation and other environments.