What is the future of aluminum foil lunch boxes?


At present, most of the domestic bai shops use plastic […]

At present, most of the domestic bai shops use plastic foamed lunch boxes. It is reported that my country consumes approximately 13.5 billion plastic foamed lunch boxes each year. As one of the main culprits of "white pollution", the harmfulness of plastic foam lunch boxes has been widely known, so I won't repeat them here. As early as January 1999, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued Order No. 6 requiring the elimination of foamed lunch boxes, and in 2001 issued the "Urgent Notice to Immediately Stop the Production of Disposable Foamed Plastic Tableware" to carry out special rectification. However, in early 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission lifted the ban on foamed plastic tableware, which triggered controversy in the whole society. Many experts in the field of food safety and environmental protection expressed their puzzling.
   Disposable foam tableware can be so "strong", the biggest problem is profit. No small restaurant is willing to increase costs and give up cheap plastic lunch boxes. The cost of a plastic foam lunch box only costs a few cents, but the cost of an aluminum foil lunch box is eight or nine cents. The actual price of an aluminum foil lunch box is dozens of times that of a plastic lunch box.



       In addition, people's consciousness is also one of the reasons. According to a set of survey data conducted by the "Aluminum Foil Lunch Box Public Welfare Project" of the School of Economics and Management of China Agricultural University on Beijing residents, most residents recognize the many advantages of aluminum foil lunch boxes, but some people think that using aluminum foil lunch boxes is A kind of "excessive consumption" is the act of wasting resources.
  Also, although some consumers are more willing to use aluminum foil lunch boxes, they are involuntarily consuming outside and can only passively accept inferior plastic lunch boxes provided by merchants.
   Compared with the adverse effects of plastic foamed lunch boxes on human health and the environment, aluminum foil lunch boxes, a rising star in the field of lunch boxes, perform well in these two aspects.
  Aluminum foil is light in material, has high barrier properties, is moisture-proof, water-proof, anti-corrosion, and shading. However, the aluminum foil lunch box can be put on the table due to its safety and health, light material, environmental protection and other characteristics, and it can also be directly placed on the fire for barbecue.
  Aluminum foil lunch box fully complies with the national food container hygiene standards, which ensures that the aluminum foil lunch box is non-toxic and healthy. Moreover, the biggest advantage of aluminum foil lunch boxes is that they can be recycled, which can reduce pollution and save energy. According to research, the recycling rate of aluminum is very high, the cycle can be recycled up to 25 times, and the service life is as long as two to three hundred years. In addition, the aluminum foil lunch box can be weathered in only two or three years without causing damage to the soil.
Although the foamed plastic tableware has been lingering for a long time and is unwilling to withdraw from the stage of history, although the "green" aluminum foil lunch boxRecyclable Auminum foil Protein Box is too costly to promote, there are still many organizations and individuals who are running around and calling for a lot of boycott "Poison lunch box", promotion of "green" aluminum foil lunch box activities. During the Shanghai APEC meeting, the Shanghai World Expo, the Beijing Olympics and other conference activities, leaders of various countries, athletes and service personnel of the competition venues used aluminum foil lunch boxes to deliver meals. It is reported that during the Shanghai World Expo, about 10,000 aluminum foil lunch boxes were used every day until the end of the conference. It can be seen that the green environmental performance of aluminum foil lunch boxes has been recognized at the national level and is widely welcomed by international friends.
  Actually, the popularity of aluminum foil in the world is much higher than that in China. The per capita consumption of aluminum foil in Europe is about 1.5 kg, and the United States is slightly higher at 1.6 kg. In comparison, my country's per capita consumption of aluminum foil is too small, only 0.6 kilograms, less than half of Europe.
   However, with the improvement of my country's economic level and aluminum foil-related technology, as of January 2009, there are more and more manufacturers of aluminum foil lunch boxes in my country, which has exceeded 30. Moreover, the production capacity of aluminum foil production enterprises in my country is also increasing. In 2014, the output of optical double zero foil reached 550,000 tons.
At present, the price of aluminum foil lunch boxes in my country has dropped to about 1 yuan. The reduction in cost will play a vital role in the promotion of aluminum foil lunch boxes. With the rigid indicators of environmental protection and energy saving, "green" aluminum foil lunch boxes will Recycling resources, reducing pollution, and ensuring human health are playing an increasingly important role.

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